Just going to finally continue reviewing the remaining animes in my previous anime reviews post. I apologize for not doing it sooner, things got a little crazy and i totally forgot aha. so today ill be going over Noragami, K/K Project, Samurai Champloo, Elfen Lied, and, High School Of The Dead. You can find and watch all animes listed on http://www.animefreak.tv, http://www.crunchyroll.com or just googling them yourself. I have only watched them all in japanese with english subtitles so i will be going off that.


Description: This show is a bit difficult to explain because 1) its fairly short so a lot of what goes on, you learn throughout the show and 2) theres a new season coming out. However, I’ll try the best i can to give a decent explaination. Essentially, the main character is a guy named Yato. Hes just goofy and immature and ridiculous but hes actually a god. A god that no one really knows of anymore. Throughout the show, we learn that Yato used to be a God of Calamity which is essentially a God of War. In the show, however, we often see him writing his cell phone number in various public places telling people to call Yato with their problems – he only charges 5yen for any project! aha but yeah eventually, as the show goes, Yukine and Hiyori join him on his adventures. Yukine is his regalia, his weapon, which is created from a pure soul and can be in both human form or weapon form. Hiyori is a regular student who for some reason can see Yato and tries to save him from being hit by a bus, unintentionally making it so she herself is between worlds.

Pros: Unique story line and characters, characters you fall in love with and a catchy intro song

Cons: can be confusing as its a short show and doesnt have as much time for explanation, and it is too damn short

Length: short, 1 season with a second season coming out

Do i recommend it? definitely, i love it nonetheless!

(Otherwise known as K Project

Description: There are 7 Kings who all correlate with a color. In the show, we primarily focus on the red king, the blue king, The silver king, the gold king and the colorless king. Each of the kings range in power with the Silver being the first king, the gold the second, the red the third, the blue the fourth and colorless being the seventh. In the show, the red king and all his followers are by far the most “gang” like however theyre all good men who just want to have fun and act more like a family than the other followers of other kings. The blue king and his followers are more like a police force, focusing more on keeping their area under control. The gold and silver primarily stay out of things, with the silver king not even being seen till the very end of the show. Essentially, the show is about a teenage boy who goes by Shiro. Shiro goes to high school on this island and a video comes out of someone who looks exactly like him murdering a member of the red kings followers. Needless to say,  the red king is after him. In the video, he calls himself the next colorless king as the previous one has passed away. So the show follows Shiro and honestly goes off in some directions i didn’t expect.

Pros: gorgeous gorgeous graphics, unique storyline, unique characters

Cons:crappy intro song, a bit confusing and therefore hard to get into, the graphics draw you in more than anything else

Length: 1 season

Do i recommend it?: if you have the patience, do it up. its really unique and different but then again, also fairly difficult to get into as i said in the cons. you have to pay attention to everything thats going on.

Samurai Champloo

Description: Fu, Jin, Mugen. Fu is a girl looking for the samurai who smells of sunflowers. Jin is this super badass samurai who no one can beat however, Mugen is also a super badass swordsman. Mugen’s fighting style is very untraditional. Mugen and Jin have both never been beating however, continuously come to a draw when fighting each other. In the show, Fu gets both of them to help her try to find the samurai who smells of sunflowers and we follow them on their journey to do that. Its an amazing show.

Pros: music is a huge part of the show and they implement it very well, and the sword fighting is just so well done everything is fairly accurate not to mention a good storyline and characters you can easily connect with

Cons: different drawing style then most animes, especially compared to ones in this list.

Length: short, only 1 season

Do i recommend it? yes yes yes yes yes

Elfen Lied

Description: A girl named Lucy/Myu who is actually not human is taken in by these human cousins. Shes super duper adorable when all she says is Myu, like a little kid who doesnt know any better. When shes Lucy, shes a psychotic killer. Literally, has psychic “hands” that she uses to rip people limb from limb. Its an odd show. But very popular in the genre. Very gorey, yet still quite “lolli”-like.

Pros: gore. lolli. gore.

Cons: i found the storyline to be rather lacking.

Length: 1 season, short.

Do i recommend it? if its your thing. i had a lot of people recommend it to me because i like thriller/horror animes but i didn’t find it too interesting. Just a cute girl who did naughty things like ‘forget’ to wear a shirt and such and who would then turn around and rip heads off.

High School Of The Dead

Description: its a bit of a silly show but good nonetheless. its more of a show that tried to put as much in as it could to appeal to people. it has zombies, guns, and lots of lady bits. a group of high school kids are at school when their school is rapidly taken over by a disease that turns people into zombies shortly after they are bitten. we follow this group as they go across the city, trying to find their parents and to find somewhere safe. buuuut the zombies are taking over the city so everything is insane. one girl has a kendo stick, the rest pretty much have guns in the end and they fight their way through everything. with, again, an abundance of flying lady bits.

Pros: lady bits errywhere

Cons: i mean, if you dont want lady bits, weapons and zombies~~~~

Length: short, 1 season. 2nd season was in the works but put on hold and they have yet to start working on it again, as far as i know

Do i recommend it?: definitely, if you like lady bits, zombies and weaponsssss

as i continue watching more animes, ill continue with these reviews 😀 at the moment, im watching Inuyasha….which is fab.

anyway, let me know if you have seen/ are watching/ or start watching any of these animes and what you think (: