Disclaimer: There will be profanity in this post. Read at your own discretion. 

I can’t stand them.

Now, i know this isn’t facebook. and this rant might be a little biased seeing as I’ve had a pretty terrible day of people just jerking me around. But honestly, has something changed? Is there something in the air making people nowadays just complete assholes? I’m serious, here, is it something in the water, maybe? Whatever it is, I’m getting alll set with it.

I feel like this is a new thing. Sure, people were bullied and there were always some bad seeds in the bunch but i feel like people weren’t this rude to one another. We didn’t go out of our way to put others down. We didn’t have any type of shaming, whether it be body shaming or something else. We didn’t care what you did with your life, its your life, you do you.

Now, though, i feel like its all changed. We look through girls on facebook and instagram either looking for a flaw on them or a flaw in ourselves. and our “Friends” don’t stop us. They dont tell us girls “you aren’t fat” or “youre crazy, you dont look like that!”. they go “hm. i dunno. you could lose a little weight. i mean, look at me!” or “haha look at how funny you look what were you thinking when you did that?”. theres no such thing as friends anymore. no one treats eachother equally nor even how they want to be treated. Everyone thinks they are in some way better than everyone else. and its absolutely ridiculous.

This society, this generation of people we are breeding. To put it simply, they are fucked. You know why? Because no one wants to hear your whiney excuses as to why everything should be given to you. No one wants to hear your drama. No one wants to hear fucking any of it. Not in the real world. In the real world, you arent the center of everything. You can’t look at your boss and say “haha look at you why would you wear that it looks horrible!”. You cant expect to keep a job. You can’t expect to have a social life.

But thats the issue, now, isn’t it? there is no longer such a thing as a social life. its all on the fucking internet. Now i am a huuuuuuuuuuge pc gaming nerd – its what i do with 90% of my time and id be a liar if i said i wouldnt be sad if the internet suddenly didn’t work however i feel like technology is doing a whole lot of terrible terrible things to the world as a whole.

Does technology do good things? yes. But that isn’t the argument we are discussing here.

Thanks to our dear friend technology, people dont have to socialize. we don’t have to learn social skills like how to talk to others or how to treat our fellow human beings or what constitutes as the right thing to do vs what constitutes as the bad thing to do. We just use our iphones or androids and look it up. and now children are doing the same thing. it disgusts me to see parents giving in to the technological world and training their kids to be the part of the mindless zombie-like society we are creating.

it needs to be stopped

but it wont be

we will continue, as humans, to think we’re doing a world of good

as the world around us crumbles

because, the thing about people is, they don’t give a damn about anything but themselves.

A very agitated Anna

**sorry for how horribly written this is. like i said, its more of a rant than anything else**